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Burberry is changing its logo for first time in two decades

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Burberry changes logo for first time in two decades

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Apple Store

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Burberry Burberry has positioned itself well among its competitors as a result of focusing on “functional luxury”. By augmenting its product line to include both fashion and continuity products, Burberry can meet the needs of a wider range of customers.

Aug 02,  · Top: old logo. Bottom: new logo. Credit: Burberry Burberry has changed its logo for the first time in 20 years, revealing the new look via an Instagram post. The British heritage brand's new logo says "Burberry London England" in stark capital letters, replacing the softer, rounder font the company previously used.

Mid-May, pioneering Uranus ends a seven-year visit to your sign and enters stable Taurus, which could bring unexpected new sources of work and income. Burberry’s digital strategy, which the brand plans to continue to evolve intohas so far not only put it at the top of the fashion luxury category but among top players across industries.

“At this point, Burberry has established itself as a digitally savvy brand among other industry barons — Apple, Nike, and Google,” said L2. Burberry has changed its logo for the first time in 20 years, revealing the new look via an Instagram post. The British heritage brand’s new logo says “Burberry London England ” in stark capital letters, replacing the softer, rounder font the company previously used.

Why Is Burberry's Digital Strategy So Good? Here at Parallax, we love Burberry. They’ve consistently brought out fantastic content and provide a huge source of inspiration to our digital agency. Let’s take a look at why their digital marketing and branding strategy is so wowinternetdirectory.comon: Parallax, Leeds, LS2 7ES, West Yorkshire.

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