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Facebook Case Study: Marketing with Coca-Cola

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Featured Case Studies

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This case study on Facebook ads is especially fascinating - the author was able to promote a weight loss coach without putting her ad account at risk!

Digital Marketing Case Studies are a great way to learn more about marketing – especially in the B2B sector. But impressive digital marketing case studies are sometimes hard to find.

One reason for that is that it’s often hard to identify whether they apply to your exact case before you dive. Problem.

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Facebook wanted to explore macro-level trends in consumer perceptions on data-sharing and privacy protection in an increasingly technological environment. To read the entire case study, along with ten other case studies from leading companies and 27 real-world examples of what works, order your copy of the soon-to-be released Social Marketing ROAD Map Handbook: A method for mapping an effective social media strategy.

If you do so by May 28th, you’ll save $ and get a free bonus gift. The key to marketing through Facebook is simple: engagement and interaction.

But how these two tasks are accomplished isn’t done through simply posting a product photo. It’s a tactical pro. Learn from inspiring case studies. Whether you’re a small business or global brand, you’ll learn how others achieved real results with Facebook marketing.

Facebook case studies marketing
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