Impact of political instability on pakistan stock market

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Political instability and inflation in Pakistan

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The stock market index and shares fall instantaneously. This, in turn, hurts the investors, and creates an atmosphere for uncertainty. Pakistan suffered a lot of financial losses due to economic terrorism, and as per official Ministry of Finance estimates, the losses amounted to $$45 billion dollars approximately.

Too much debt is a toxic mix with political instability, which will put pressure on Pakistan’s currency leading to more depreciation.

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The MSCI-EM might also reduce their exposure to Pakistani. Pakistan Stock Market has three main stock markets KSE, LSE and ISE. Stock in regular intervals due to Political instability, security threats and other macro-economical issues but nowadays But there are many factors which do have an impact on stock market.

Published: Wed, 14 Mar INTRODUCTION: The topic of my research is Impact of political instability on the performance of stock market of Pakistan. To my opinion, political instability is a situation where by a country is currently going through political turmoil.


It is also evident that political instability has positive impact on stock return and increase the stock market performance by.5% Terrorism event is showing the significant impact on the day of the event; whereas lag impacts are also significant.

The topic of my research is Impact of political instability on the performance of stock market of Pakistan. To my opinion, political instability is a situation where by a .

Impact of political instability on pakistan stock market
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(PDF) Impact of Major Political Events on Stock Market Returns of Pakistan