Mass or undifferentiated marketing

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Target market

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12 Top Notch Undifferentiated Marketing Examples

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Mass media

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An Example of Undifferentiated Marketing

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Undifferentiated marketing: Concentrated marketing: Differentiated marketing: Quite suitable for generic markets (where the product is a commodity) Typically adopted by small firms just starting out (as they have limited resources and expertise).

Definition. A target market is a group of customers (individuals, households or organisations), for which an organisation designs, implements and maintains a marketing mix suitable for the needs and preferences of that group. Open Access Initiative is committed to make genuine and reliable contributions to the scientific community without restricting the access of published content.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec The aim of this literature review is to present a brief overview of the main marketing strategies used by hospitality industry in order to increase the sales and gain new clients. Industrialization is important for marketing evolution. With the onset of mass production, better transportation, and more efficient technology, goods and services could be made in large volume and marketed at optimum prices.

Mass marketing or undifferentiated marketing has its origins in the s with the inception of mass radio use. This gave corporations an opportunity to appeal to a wide variety of potential customers.

Mass or undifferentiated marketing
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